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NightShade Andante

Post  Neon on Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:33 pm

Name: NightShade Andante

Alias: Lyrra Watson, Nocte, Lady Atropos, that abomination, to name a few

Age: Approximately 19 (actual date of 'birth' is unknown)

Occupation: Thief, and whatever else fate hands her

Marital Status: Single

Personality: -to be filled in later, maybe, I fail at putting her personality into a neat little description, especially since its been varying from bitter and cynical to obnoxiously depressed as of late-

History: NightShade Andante's origins appear something out of a twisted sci-fi novel. She was artificially created by a team of scientists who'd been fuddling with genetics that were a little more than illegal outside the realm of raising embryos for hopeful parents. Through some unrecorded fluke of science, her experiment resulted in the creation of life (giving a nice power trip to her creators) rather than a pile of goo, her only defects appearing to be a lack of pigmentation in her hair. She was decently cared for in her beginnings, and taught and raised, until she started showing some odd characteristics...and the tests became a little less than civil. Eventually the operation caught notice of local and government enforcers and the operation was shut-down, but somewhere in the mess the three year old girl vanished.

The thief wandered the streets until being scooped up by law enforcements, and placed into an adoption agency. The young girl, when prompted, replied that her name was NightShade (a result of a mix up, where an adjacent label on a Belladonna plant (deadly nightshade) she had mistakenly learned as her name). After a slew of failed fostering situations, the girl discovered she had an amazing knack for two things: stealing things, and running away. After record breaking amounts of escapes, the budding thief came into the care of a young woman who took care of her, and the two lived as siblings...unfortunately her newfound sister also came with a number of other relations, who had their own links to the darker sides of the city.

By the time she hit sixteen, she had reached a level of infamy. Many on the police force would prefer reading the United States constitution in its entirety before attempting to read off her list of offenses. The most agitating fact of her crimes being that she'd never been tried for them, and while arrested, it seemed the thief's knack for running away also translated into master escape artist. The crimes escalated to ridiculous amounts in thefts, but were marked by certain oddities. Very few of the stolen objects were ever found to be sold, and almost none of the thefts were from common civilians. High level security systems seemed to be like catnip for the thief...her rap sheet also toted a few bloody smears across it...the thief was an expert with blades, and a damn good shot...and she had been linked to a number of deaths...but...of course...never proven in a court of law.

By the time she hit seventeen, her name sparked fear in the public (who often regarded her as less than human for her origins) and mild rage and annoyance amongst the police force...and day...she just vanished. No crimes to her name for over a year...the legend seemingly forgotten...and with no explanation.

The answer was simply that the girl was worn down. Her personal life received a number of devastating blows in less than a year. The thief had always been plagued by loss, given the crowd she worked in, but the death toll on her friends reached obnoxious numbers. After losing almost all the people closest to her, the once infamous thief lost her spark.

The thief currently wanders the city as a shell of who she once was, taking an odd small job here or there to survive. She has developed a moderate drinking problem as a means of coping with all her losses. She resides under the alias of Lyrra Watson, living in a small apartment building...greatly ignored by law enforcement, who have a hunch of her identity (now that she's been neglecting hiding her striking hair), but due to her stagnate and rundown state have vastly ignored her existence to pursue more pressing matters and greater crimes.


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