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Grevige Marzollo

Post  Justice on Mon May 12, 2008 8:17 pm

Grev is my male version of Temperance Brennan, with a twist of Seeley Booth.
He is a 33 year old Forensic Anthropologist. The twist of Seeley manely characterized his character. A bit jerkish, yet caring at the wrong times... he also has a bit of Booth's stuning lookes.
His part of Brennan shines quite brightly as well. He is a genius, and he doesn't quite 'feel' all of his emotions properly. He corrects on instinc and will correct about anything. Grev is quite the character, he also has many twist's which I made for him.
1st is his shaggy navy hair, the 3 piercings on his face, the tatoo, and the studded collar he will NOT take off. xD -still working on this-


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