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Post  Michelle on Mon May 12, 2008 8:01 pm

Uhhh not quite sure what to do here

Michelle Bing:

Miche is a 23 year old forensic facial reconstructionalist, or, as she puts it 'forensic artist'.
She is quite young for her line of work also. She doesn't /just/ do facial reconstructing, she is also the Forensic Dentist....
In which she can determin age, sex and identity of the victim.....

I quess this is pretty much 'under construction' I'll give a bit more of Miche's personality then I have to work on this. xD I'm sorry I'm so new at this. D:

Miche is very adventurous, she loves new things. She is originally from Paris. She has a french accent, big surprise. Though she has Asian backgrounds, her mother came from Japan and so did her father. She can become friends quickly with about almost everyone. She is not shy by anymeans.

She is a vegan, she absolutely hates the idea of eating meat, poultry or dairy. Though she loves to cook, and while cook up for a dear friend, a meal which may even have a steak.

Seeing that she is a chief on the side, she loves to cook. Miche will touch meat and other things, just not eat anything with it, or use anything made from it. So yeah... that's her in a nut shell for now.


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