Phoebe Daedalus (rogue XD)

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Phoebe Daedalus (rogue XD)

Post  Ishipuccu on Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:30 pm

Name - Phoebe Daedalus
Alies - Rogue XD
Age - 19
Occupation - None
Marital Status - Single
Appearance -
Phoebe is always dressed in the most outrageous fashion. Bright make-up, color in her long blonde hair, colorful jewelry and clothes. On a casual day, she can be seen wearing a colorful speghetti strap shirt with a slight midrift, and dark jean bell bottoms that are large enough to cover her feet entirely.

Personality - As bright as the rest of her. She is very optomistic, fun loving, and even a little niave. She has an extremely large heart and nearly always assumes a person is as warm as she is.. unfortunately.
History - Too long. Shocked

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