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Alex Novak

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Name - Alex Novak
Age - 34
Occupation - FBI Special Agent
Marital Status - Single

Alex Novak grew up in the city, living a relatively normal live up until he was fourteen, when something happened that would change him forever - the kidnapping and murder of his seven year-old sister. The event traumatized him so much that he vowed to find her killer, eventually becoming a special agent in the FBI. Before that happened, though, he went to war. There, he became an expert sniper, and killed for the first time. That really changes a person. For quite some time, he had a hard time dealing with it, but soon learned to bottle up these emotions within him, despite knowing that it was a dangerous thing to do. Who would he tell, anyway? By this time, both of his parents had died, and he was completely alone - the last surviving member of his family. And so the FBI became a sort of home to him - he spent most of his days working on cases, though the fact that his sister's killer was still out there never left his mind. Presently, he lives in a small apartment neighboring his good friend, Latha. He doesn't understand her, and doesn't agree with her way of life, but is still drawn to her. Together, the two always seem to get into some kind of trouble, ranging from drunken escapades to getting nearly killed by hitmen.
When he's not with Latha, Alex is most likely working on a case with his good buddy, Slame. Slame is one of the few people, if not the only person, he completely trusts.


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